Compostelana de transportes

Compostelana de Transportes, Compostra S.C.G. is a cooperative dedicated to the transport of goods by national and international road. He began his career in Santiago de Compostela on 14 April 1988 on the initiative of several carriers that choose to join with the aim of creating a single fleet of trucks allowed:

  • Expand and retain customers.
  • Centralize administrative tasks.
  • Having a solid legal and financial coverage.

Formed in turn by a team of freelancers and companies deeply knowledgeable in the industry, makes Compostelana de Transportes S.C.G. have added value to extreme good treatment with clients and houses loaders, compliance schedules and painstaking care of the goods at all times since all are aware of its importance.

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This joint commitment to excellence in the world of transport allows Compostelana de Transportes S.C.G. in 2003 obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality management in National and International Transport of Goods by Road, certified to maintain uninterrupted since.


After 25 years of history, guaranteed by the professionalism of its 65 members and a fleet of 104 trucks, Compostelana de Transportes S.C.G. has become the leading company in its sector in Galicia (Spain), both for the quality of services and its market share.